Prancing Dad

Final Kefka ORIGINAL ARTIST: Nobuo Uematsu – SOURCE: Final Fantasy 6/Final Fantasy 7 (Dancing Mad/One Winged Angel)
INSTRUMENTATION: Guitars, Bass, Drums, Keyboards, Synths, Organ, Strings, Brass, Concert Percussion, Obligatory Cheesy Sub-Bass Drops
GENRE: Epic Orchestral Metal
NOTES: So SnappleMan challenged me in DoD for June 2010, right? Well, I needed an epic, extraordinarily ambitious arrangement to ensure a victory. I’ve been wanting to arrange Dancing Mad for quite a long time, because pretty much all of the arrangements I’ve heard don’t deviate away from the source enough. Not that it’s a bad thing, but I always felt that there was so much that could be done with the church organ solo sections.The other thing is that I’ve always wanted to do a One-Winged Angel arrangement. I did one a while back and I posted it here, but time has passed and I realized it blows and really had nothing special about it (straight Advent Children version cover? C’MAAAWWWNNN!!!!). The other problem was that by itself, I had NO original ideas on how to arrange the song. Between the Advent Children and OCR’s Voices of the Lifestream “Black-Winged Metamorphosis” versions, I couldn’t do anything with it. But as I was arranging this I had the idea to slip some One-Winged Angel sections in here, and it worked great! If I remember right, One-Winged Angel was actually a leftover from FF6 anyway. The styles meshed very well, so that’s great. I’m a little disappointed that I couldn’t slip in more of One-Winged Angel into the remix, but that’s alright. Anything that’s missing is in the first parts of the song, and Dancing Mad has a ridiculously epic opening statement as it is. Plus, the cheesy anvil’d, bass drop’d half time breakdown is just too sweet as the first OWA statement.

Also in the song are several references to certain prog bands that you may or may know. If you know who they are, then that’s an easter egg you can laugh at and enjoy. If you don’t recognize them all, then stop being a damn noob and get edumacated on your prog rock! 😀

By the way, this song does have lyrics, and I know they’re hardly decipherable. The way Symphonic Choirs was made makes it very difficult to cut through the thick horrible mass of noise in this song.

SnappleMan, Going Down (x2)

Don’t let your pubic fat
Get in the way

You’re fucked (x4)

SnappleMan is fat and greek
He masturbates with feta cheese
He thinks he can win DoD
But he will never beat me

He’s crazy
Fat and lazy
Pussied out
Last time around

SnappleMan, Going Down (x2)

He does not know what he got into
Thinking his only threat was that Jew
I think that the time has come to pass
To open up this can of whoop-ass
He thinks he can win this fight using wank
Unaware how much he’s gonna get spanked

You’re fucked, you are fucked (x3)
You’re fucked, fucked fucked fucked fucked!

SnappleMan is fat and greek, masturbates with feta cheese (x8)
(He is crazy, fat and lazy) (x4)

16 Responses to “Prancing Dad”

  • Ammuro:

    Wow, you’re really talented!
    I thoroughly enjoyed listening to it. nice remix :)
    I wanted to download this, but I couldn’t.
    When I click on the download link it directs to me to a page
    with nothing except the music player is.
    I don’t know what to do… 😛

  • Hey man, right click the link and select “Save File As” or “Save Link As” or something similar. Alternately you can wait for the file to load all the way and select “Save Page As” from the File menu (in Firefox, there’s definitely similar options in other browsers).

  • Ammuro:

    I got it, thank you!
    I put this song and the others in my mp3 right away XDDD

  • Hey man. I downloaded your track via DOD, and just wanted to stop by and say. Killer job. Seriously. I’ve always wanted to do an arrangement of Dancing Mad myself, so hearing someone take it and move it in a good direction is a rarity.
    Hope to hear more from you soon.
    Thanks for the ear candy!

  • Doctor of Andys:

    Got to say that this is my favourite music ever. Bravo!

  • Dan B:

    Awesome. So full of nuttiness.

    Giving to mum as replacement for Steve Vai, which she has worn out through overuse. Hoping she doesn’t try too hard to decipher the Lyrics :S

  • Matt Smith:

    Haha, nice Dream Theater reference in there.
    Awesome mix! This is probably the best metal version of any FF song I’ve heard, good job! 😀

  • Hylke L:

    Hey man, your music was used in an Extra Credits episode. Good on you!

  • Just heard the music featured in Extra Credits and had to download it. Very nice work, and for what it’s worth I didn’t think of Dancing Mad until I came to your webpage, so I think you managed to distance the remix a fair bit from the original, while still keeping it interesting. Good work.

  • psht:

    jesus hibben christ.
    that was awesome.
    so fucking perfect.

  • D.:

    Good stuff. Listening to it for the 5th time in a row and it still sounds fresh and amazing. This is going to have a place in my playlists for a while to come.

  • Sciezka:


    I believe this is the best arrangement of “Dancing Mad” I’ve ever heard. The shear malevolence of the double bass and the beauty of the choir is the most beautiful dichotomy on the planet and its executed with such intensity that this is going on the top of my epic music list. The performances are perfect. And I thought you couldn’t outdo your Hell March mix.

    I’m very pleased to be proven wrong. Absolutely sublime from start to finish. The best rock remix I’ve ever heard.

  • VIbratissimo:

    I heard Gustav Holst. Then I heard DT. Then I heard Frost*. Then I lol’d uncontrollably. This is great stuff man, both in arrangement and production :)

  • Salganos:

    This is awesome. Though, I am glad the lyrics are hardly decipherable. It detracts a bit from the experience every time I can make out the words “feta cheese”.

  • Raekwon:

    LOL who is SnappleMan?

  • I love this remix. It’s very clever. Anyway, I was planning on covering Prancing Dad with my band, Alien. I’m curious if you could give me a tab or some chords or something that would help me with the lead. I’ve already done the bassline by ear. Have a nice day.

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