Tony Dickinson is a multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer from Denver, CO. You can catch him on tour this winter with the legendary Trans-Siberian Orchestra, with his Pop/Funk band SYLVA, or nearly every night when you hear the music on any NBA game on ESPN.

Known mostly for his bass playing, Tony is a very experienced session musician on bass and guitar, and his compositions have been featured on TV Shows and Channels such as ESPN, NFL Network, Univision, Top Gear, WWE Monday Night Raw and Judge Judy. He composed, arranged and performed the current music package for the NBA games on ESPN along with composer Lisle Moore.

Tony wrote and performed the lead singles “The Fall” and “Freakshow” off the first two albums of Jeff Scott Soto’s project SOTO, and has also recorded with Nobuo Uematsu, Howard Drossin, & Daniele Liverani.

He’s also known to remix a video game song or two under the moniker “Prince uf Dorkness,” or with his Symphonic Metal video game cover band “The Tiberian Sons.”